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Welcome to Aleks Sierz's in-yer-face theatre website, which celebrates the best in new British drama today by offering plenty of free info about new writing for the theatre.

Prelude: In the 1990s, a revolution took place in British theatre. Out went all those boring politically correct plays with tiny casts portraying self-pitying victims; overthrown were all those pale imitations of European directors' theatre; brushed aside were all those shreds of self-regarding physical theatre and long-winded, baggy state-of-the-nation plays.

In their place, came a storm of new writing, vivid new plays about contemporary life by a brat-pack of funky young playwrights. For a few heady years, theatre was the new rock 'n' roll - a really cool place to be. At last, here was drama that really seemed to make a difference. It sweated newness out of every pore. But while new writers offered an amazing variety of different types of play, and spoke with a diversity of voices, the most cutting-edge new plays had one feature in common: they were all in-yer-face.

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